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stalking-horse anything used to divert attention from secret plans, schemes, intentions, or the like; decoy.
stall1 a small enclosed division of a barn or stable designed for lodging a single animal. [13 definitions]
stall2 to employ evasion or other delaying maneuvers. [5 definitions]
stallion a sexually mature, uncastrated male horse.
stalwart resolute; loyal; reliable. [4 definitions]
stamen the stalklike part of a flower that produces and bears the pollen.
stamina1 the physical or moral capacity to endure long effort, hardship, or disappointment.
stamina2 a plural form of stamen.
staminate of a flower, possessing one or more stamens. [2 definitions]
stammer to speak haltingly and with unintended repetitions of sounds. [4 definitions]
stamp to move (the foot) forcefully and rapidly downward upon something. [15 definitions]
stampede the sudden, hurried, panicked mass movement of a large group of animals, esp. horses or cattle. [6 definitions]
stamping ground (informal) a regular gathering place.
stampless combined form of stamp.
stance the physical position of the body, esp. while standing. [2 definitions]
stanch1 to cause (a liquid, esp. blood) to stop flowing. [3 definitions]
stanch2 a variant of staunch2.
stanchion a vertical post or the like used for support. [4 definitions]
stand to assume or maintain an erect position of the body while having one's weight on one's feet (often fol. by "up"). [25 definitions]
stand a chance to have a possibility of succeeding or surviving.
standard something that is considered to be a model for measurement or comparison or serve as an accepted authority. [8 definitions]