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standpoint the outlook, opinion, and attitudes that determine how one views, understands, and evaluates things; perspective or point of view.
standstill a complete stop; halt.
stand-up done in or requiring a standing position. [4 definitions]
stand up to move your body into a standing position.
Stanford-Binet test an intelligence test that is a revision of the Binet-Simon scale.
stanhope a light open carriage with one seat and two or four wheels, drawn by one horse.
Stanislaus a sixty-five mile long river in California. [2 definitions]
stank a past tense of stink.
Stanley Kubrick U.S. filmmaker (b.1928--d.1999).
stannic of or containing tin, esp. when tetravalent.
stannous of or containing tin, esp. when bivalent.
stanza a group of related lines in a poem that are separated typographically from other similar groups and that often have a regular meter and rhyme scheme.
stapes the innermost of three tiny bones found in the middle ear of mammals; stirrup. (See incus, malleus.)
staph staphylococcus.
staphylococcus any of various spherical bacteria that occur in clusters and can cause boils, abscesses, and other infections in humans.
staple1 a short, thin, U-shaped piece of stiff wire designed to be pushed through several sheets of paper or the like and then bent inward to serve as a fastener. [3 definitions]
staple2 a food that is considered essential, such as sugar or flour. [7 definitions]
staple crop one of a region's most important crops, typically constituting a major portion of the region's diet.
staple gun a tool that shoots a staple into something hard like a wall or wood.
stapler a tool in a home or office that uses staples to attach papers together.
star any of a vast number of celestial bodies other than the moon visible from earth as points of light in the night sky. [11 definitions]