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step-in put on by being stepped into. [2 definitions]
stepladder a ladder with flat steps instead of rungs, often having a hinged frame that opens to form a stable support.
stepmom (informal) stepmother; the wife of one's father.
stepmother the wife of one's father, who may act as a mother but is not one's mother through a biological process.
step on someone's toes to offend by acting aggressive or by encroaching on another's domain.
stepparent a stepfather or stepmother.
steppe a broad, somewhat arid grass plain, esp. the great plains in southeast Russia and southwest Asia.
stepped-up increased in rate or intensity; accelerated; heightened.
stepper a person or animal that steps in a vigorous and spirited manner.
steppingstone a raised stone on which one may step in order to cross a shallow body of water such as a creek or stream. [2 definitions]
stepsister the daughter of one's stepmother or stepfather by a previous marriage.
stepson the son of one's spouse by a previous marriage.
step-up an increase, as in rate or quantity, esp. one taking place in discrete stages. [3 definitions]
stepwise in an order or form resembling step-by-step progression. [3 definitions]
-ster one that does, handles, makes, is, or is connected with.
stere a unit of volume equal to one cubic meter or 1.308 cubic yards.
stereo a system of equipment for transmitting or reproducing stereophonic sound. [4 definitions]
stereo- solid. [2 definitions]
stereochemistry the branch of chemistry that is concerned with the spatial positions of atoms within a molecule and their positional effects on the properties of the molecule.
stereophonic of, denoting, or having a system of separately positioned speakers or microphones using separate channels for reproducing sound. (Cf. monophonic.)
stereopticon a type of slide projector designed so that one view is fading out while the next one is fading in; magic lantern.