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stepparent a stepfather or stepmother.
steppe a broad, somewhat arid grass plain, esp. the great plains in southeast Russia and southwest Asia.
stepped-up increased in rate or intensity; accelerated; heightened.
stepper a person or animal that steps in a vigorous and spirited manner.
steppingstone a raised stone on which one may step in order to cross a shallow body of water such as a creek or stream. [2 definitions]
stepsister the daughter of one's stepmother or stepfather by a previous marriage.
stepson the son of one's spouse by a previous marriage.
step-up an increase, as in rate or quantity, esp. one taking place in discrete stages. [3 definitions]
stepwise in an order or form resembling step-by-step progression. [3 definitions]
-ster one that does, handles, makes, is, or is connected with.
stere a unit of volume equal to one cubic meter or 1.308 cubic yards.
stereo a system of equipment for transmitting or reproducing stereophonic sound. [4 definitions]
stereo- solid. [2 definitions]
stereochemistry the branch of chemistry that is concerned with the spatial positions of atoms within a molecule and their positional effects on the properties of the molecule.
stereophonic of, denoting, or having a system of separately positioned speakers or microphones using separate channels for reproducing sound. (Cf. monophonic.)
stereopticon a type of slide projector designed so that one view is fading out while the next one is fading in; magic lantern.
stereoscope an apparatus through which pictures of the same object taken from different angles are viewed through separate eyepieces to produce the illusion of a single image having three dimensions.
stereoscopy the study or use of techniques to give pictures the illusion of three-dimensionality. [2 definitions]
stereotaxis the response of an organism that comes into contact with solid matter.
stereotomy the art or technique of cutting solid substances such as stone into specific shapes and sizes.
stereotype a standardized and usually oversimplified and inaccurate conception held in common by many people. [3 definitions]