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stereotomy the art or technique of cutting solid substances such as stone into specific shapes and sizes.
stereotype a standardized and usually oversimplified and inaccurate conception held in common by many people. [3 definitions]
stereotyped preconceived in a simple and often misleading way.
stereotypical conforming to or influenced by a stereotype or stereotypes.
stereotypy the process or art of making or printing from stereotype plates. [2 definitions]
sterile free of live bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms; uncontaminated; sterilized. [4 definitions]
sterilization the act of sterilizing or the state of being sterilized. [2 definitions]
sterilize to free of live microorganisms; decontaminate. [2 definitions]
sterling of or made of the very finest silver, or .925 fineness. [7 definitions]
stern1 firm and uncompromising. [2 definitions]
stern2 the rear or back part of anything, esp. a nautical vessel. (Cf. bow3, stem3.)
sternmost in nautical terminology, farthest astern; last in line.
sternpost the main, upright post at the stern of a vessel, usu. used to support the rudder.
sternum the flat bone to which most of the ribs are attached in the front of the chest in most vertebrates; breastbone.
sternutation the act of sneezing.
sternward to or toward the stern; astern.
sternway backward movement of a vessel.
stern-wheeler a steamboat propelled by a paddle wheel at the stern.
steroid any of a large group of organic compounds, esp. biologically active members of this group such as the estrogens and testosterone. (See anabolic steroid.) [3 definitions]
sterol one of a group of solid alcohols that is stored in fatty tissue, such as cholesterol.
stertorous characterized by heavy breathing or snoring.