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sticking point a position or point beyond which someone or something will not move. [2 definitions]
stick in one's craw to be unacceptable or intolerable.
stick-in-the-mud (informal) one who rejects or resists changes in activity or thinking.
stickle to argue stubbornly, esp. over trivial matters. [2 definitions]
stickleback any of various small fish with sharp spines on their backs, found mostly in northern fresh waters and sea inlets.
stickler one who insists strictly on the observance of or conformity to something (usu. fol. by "for"). [2 definitions]
stick one's neck out to take risks; expose oneself to criticism or harm.
stick out to be prominent or conspicuous.
stickpin a decorative straight pin worn to hold a necktie in place.
stick shift a manually operated automobile gearshift; manual transmission.
stick to to persist in or persevere at. [3 definitions]
stick-to-itiveness (informal) unremitting perseverance or persistence.
stick to one's guns to stand firm in the face of opposition or attack.
stickup (informal) a holdup, esp. at gunpoint; robbery.
stick up (informal) to rob, esp. by threatening with a gun.
stickwork the use of a stick or sticks, or proficiency at such use, in an activity such as hockey or drum playing.
sticky tending to adhere when touched. [4 definitions]
sticky wicket a tricky or difficult situation.
stiff not easy to bend or flex; rigid. [13 definitions]
stiff-arm to shove (an opposing player, as in football) with one's arm held straight; straight-arm. [2 definitions]
stiffen to make or become stiff or stiffer.