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stoical showing little or no emotion in reaction to painful or pleasant experiences; stoic.
stoicism the act or trait of showing little or no reaction to painful or pleasant experiences; impassiveness. [2 definitions]
stoke to add to and stir up the fuel of (a fire or furnace). [2 definitions]
stokehold the area on a ship where the furnaces or boilers are stoked; fire room.
stokehole the hole in a furnace through which the fire is stoked. [2 definitions]
stoker a person who fuels and tends to a furnace. [2 definitions]
stole1 past tense of steal.
stole2 a woman's long, scarflike garment of fur or cloth. [2 definitions]
stolen past participle of steal.
stolid neither feeling nor showing much range of emotion; impassive.
stollen a sweet yeast bread, usu. containing chopped nuts, raisins, and bits of citron.
stolon a stem growing on or just under the soil from which new leaves or plants bud. [2 definitions]
stoma any of various microscopic openings in the epidermis of a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor are exchanged. [2 definitions]
stomach the internal, saclike organ in which the first stage of digestion occurs. [6 definitions]
stomachache pain in the stomach or abdomen.
stomacher an elaborately ornamented garment formerly worn over the stomach and chest, esp. by women.
stomachic of, relating to, or beneficial to the stomach. [2 definitions]
-stome mouth or similar opening.
-stomous having a mouth as specified.
stomp to stamp or trample heavily upon, esp. so as to smash or otherwise harm. [5 definitions]
-stomy a surgical operation that creates an artificial opening in a (specified) organ or part.