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stoneware a hard pottery made with clay having a large proportion of silica or flint.
stonework any work or construction of stone; stonemasonry. [2 definitions]
stony full of or covered with stones. [4 definitions]
stonyhearted unfeeling, pitiless, or cruel; hardhearted.
stood past tense and past participle of stand.
stooge an assistant to a comedian who gives the comedian straight lines and is often the object of the audience's laughter. [3 definitions]
stool a seat without arms or a back, supported by legs or a pedestal. [5 definitions]
stoolie (slang) a stool pigeon.
stool pigeon pigeon set out as a decoy. [2 definitions]
stoop1 to bend the body forward and downward. [7 definitions]
stoop2 a large step or small porch at the entrance to a home, often reached by a short flight of steps.
stoop3 variant of stoup.
stoop labor work having to be done in a bent or crouched position, as some gardening and harvesting.
stop to halt or cause to halt. [18 definitions]
stop by to come for a brief visit, usually without advance planning or arrangement.
stopcock a valve regulating the flow of fluid through a pipe; faucet.
stope an excavation in the form of steps made when ore is mined from steep or vertical veins. [2 definitions]
stopgap a temporary substitute or solution to a problem; makeshift. [2 definitions]
stop in come to a place for a short time, often for a particular purpose; visit.
stoplight a traffic light or signal. [2 definitions]
stopover a pause or short stay in the course of a journey.