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stop over to stop briefly before traveling further.
stoppage the act of stopping or state of being stopped.
stopper a device that blocks an opening, esp. to prevent leakage of liquid; plug. [2 definitions]
stopple a stopper or plug, as for a bottle. [2 definitions]
stop street a street having one or more intersections at which vehicles must come to a complete stop before continuing through the intersection.
stop-time in jazz, a technique wherein the rhythm instrumentalists stop playing to allow a soloist to continue for a time.
stopwatch a watch that can be stopped and started instantly.
storable capable of remaining fresh or useful during long periods in storage. [2 definitions]
storage the act of storing or state of being stored. [4 definitions]
storage battery a group of two or more storage cells.
storage cell a cell that may be recharged by passing an electric current through it in the direction opposite to the flow of current it discharges.
store a place where merchandise is sold. [7 definitions]
storefront the part of a store that faces a street and usu. has display windows. [3 definitions]
storehouse a building or space where goods are stored; warehouse. [2 definitions]
storekeeper a person who owns or operates a retail shop or small store. [2 definitions]
storeroom a storage room for inventory, supplies, or equipment.
storied1 famous or recorded in legends or history.
storied2 having a particular number of stories or floors (usu. used in combination).
stork a wading bird with long legs, neck, and bill. [2 definitions]
storm a turbulent condition of the atmosphere, usu. accompanied by rain, snow, thunder, or lightning. [8 definitions]
stormbound detained, delayed, or cut off from communication by storms.