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straw vote an unofficial nonbinding vote or poll taken as a measure of public opinion on an issue.
stray to wander from or go beyond a fixed place, course, or practice, or to wander away from a group. [7 definitions]
streak a long narrow irregular line, mark, smear, or band on or in something of a different color, texture, or the like. [10 definitions]
streaking the prank or fad, esp. among teenage students, of dashing naked through a public area.
streaky marked with or occurring in streaks. [2 definitions]
stream a usually small, flowing body of water, such as a brook, creek, or rivulet. [10 definitions]
streambed the channel occupied or formerly occupied by a stream.
streamer that which streams. [3 definitions]
streamlet a rivulet or small stream.
streamline a smooth, even shape that offers the least possible resistance to currents or movement. [4 definitions]
streamlined of a contour or surface, designed to offer minimum resistance when moving through air or water. [2 definitions]
stream of consciousness in psychology, the content of an individual's consciousness seen as a continuous flow through time. [2 definitions]
stream-of-consciousness of, pertaining to, or characterized by a writing technique in which a character's thoughts, feelings, and the like are recorded as a random stream, undistinguishable in terms of logic or level of reality.
streamy having a number of streams or waterways. [2 definitions]
street a public thoroughfare in a town or city, usu. bordered by sidewalks, along which vehicles travel. [5 definitions]
streetcar an electrically powered passenger vehicle that runs on rails along regular routes.
streetlamp a light illuminating a road or street, typically mounted on a tall pole.
streetlight a light that is mounted on a tall pole and used to illuminate a road or highway.
street people people with no permanent address who live in the streets and other public areas; homeless persons. [2 definitions]
street smarts (informal) awareness, craftiness, or shrewdness in handling people or situations found in city environments where crime and poverty are extensive.
street theater a dramatization, usu. presented on the street or in a park by a traveling group, having a political or social issue as its theme.