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streamy having a number of streams or waterways. [2 definitions]
street a public thoroughfare in a town or city, usu. bordered by sidewalks, along which vehicles travel. [5 definitions]
streetcar an electrically powered passenger vehicle that runs on rails along regular routes.
streetlamp a light illuminating a road or street, typically mounted on a tall pole.
streetlight a light that is mounted on a tall pole and used to illuminate a road or highway.
street people people with no permanent address who live in the streets and other public areas; homeless persons. [2 definitions]
street smarts (informal) awareness, craftiness, or shrewdness in handling people or situations found in city environments where crime and poverty are extensive.
street theater a dramatization, usu. presented on the street or in a park by a traveling group, having a political or social issue as its theme.
streetwalker a prostitute who solicits customers in public places.
streetwise informed about what goes on and highly adapted for survival in a city, esp. the more sordid sections; street-smart.
strength the state, quality, or condition of being strong. [9 definitions]
strengthen to make stronger. [2 definitions]
strenuous marked by great effort or energy; vigorous or zealous. [2 definitions]
strep (informal) see streptococcus.
strep throat an infection of the throat accompanied by fever and pain, caused by streptococcal bacteria.
strepto- twisted chain.
streptococcus any of several round or oval bacteria that occur in pairs or chains, some of which cause disease or infection in humans and animals.
streptomycin an antibiotic produced from mold cultures of certain soil bacteria and used esp. to treat tuberculosis.
stress the importance or significance given to something; emphasis. [8 definitions]
stress fracture a hairline fracture, esp. in a leg or foot, that occurs as a result of repeated strenuous exercise and is a common ailment of professional runners, ballet dancers, and the like.
stressful characterized by or causing stress.