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strut2 a brace used to support a structure against pressures from the side.
struthious of or relating to an ostrich or similar bird.
strychnine a strongly poisonous white crystalline compound used to kill rodents and, in small doses, as a stimulant to the central nervous system.
Stuart a member of a Scottish and English royal family of the fourteenth through eighteenth centuries, or the name of the family itself.
stub a short projection or projecting part; stump. [6 definitions]
stubble the stubs of crop stalks, as of corn, that remain in the ground after the crop has been cut. [2 definitions]
stubborn unreasonably resistant to change, influence, guidance, control, or the like; obstinate; willful. [3 definitions]
stubby short and thick; stocky. [2 definitions]
stucco a durable, rough plaster usu. made of cement, sand, and lime, applied while wet and used on exterior walls. [3 definitions]
stuck past tense and past participle of stick2. [5 definitions]
stuck-up snobbish or vain; conceited.
stud1 a nail or rivet with a protruding and often rounded knob or head, fixed in a surface as a protective or ornamental device. [6 definitions]
stud2 a domesticated male animal, such as a racehorse, that is kept for breeding. [5 definitions]
studbook a register of the pedigrees of thoroughbred animals, esp. horses.
studding the supporting framework of a wall or partition, or the posts used for this purpose; studs collectively. [2 definitions]
studdingsail a light auxiliary sail that is set outside a working sail on an extensible boom, usu. in fair weather.
student a person enrolled in an educational institution. [2 definitions]
student teacher a college student in training to become a teacher who teaches in an elementary or secondary school under close supervision, usu. to fulfill a requirement for a degree in education; practice teacher.
studhorse a stallion reserved for breeding.
studied revealing conscious and deliberate effort; not natural or spontaneous. [2 definitions]
studio the workroom or workshop of an artist. [5 definitions]