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stunk a past tense and past participle of stink.
stunner a person or thing that stuns. [2 definitions]
stunning causing, capable of causing, or likely to cause one to be stunned, shocked, or astounded. [2 definitions]
stunt1 to arrest or slow the growth or development of. [3 definitions]
stunt2 a feat of skill, dexterity, strength, bravery, or the like, often performed in public. [4 definitions]
stunt man in film production, a skilled male performer who substitutes for an actor in hazardous or acrobatic sequences.
stunt woman in film production, a skilled female performer who substitutes for an actress in hazardous or acrobatic sequences.
stupefaction the act of stupefying or the state of being stupefied. [2 definitions]
stupefy to put into a daze or stupor, as with heat or drugs. [2 definitions]
stupendous causing astonishment or wonder; astounding. [2 definitions]
stupid dull or slow in intellect, wit, awareness, or the like. [4 definitions]
stupidity the condition of being dull or slow in intelligence; stupidness. [2 definitions]
stupor a state of unconsciousness, insensibility, or torpor. [2 definitions]
sturdy strong, hardy, or robust, as a person, tree, or house. [3 definitions]
sturgeon any of various large fish with hard, smooth scales, found in fresh and salt waters of the Northern Hemisphere, and valued for their edible flesh and roe, which is a source of caviar.
stutter to speak with involuntary blocking or repetition of sounds, as if unable to complete or begin certain words. [5 definitions]
sty1 a pen for swine; pigpen. [2 definitions]
sty2 a small, swollen inflammation on the edge of the eyelid.
Stygian of or relating to the river Styx or the underworld. [3 definitions]
style the manner in which something is said or done. [9 definitions]
stylebook a book containing usage rules and examples for punctuation, grammar, typography, and the like, used esp. by writers, editors, and printers. [2 definitions]