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subjectless combined form of subject.
subject matter the core or substance of that which is being examined or discussed.
subjoin to join to the end of (something spoken or written); append.
sub judice (Latin) under consideration by a judge or court; awaiting judicial decision.
subjugate to win mastery over, as by military conquest; subdue; vanquish. [2 definitions]
subjunctive in grammar, denoting or pertaining to the mood of a verb that marks a statement or question as hypothetical, doubtful, or grammatically subordinate, such as "were" in "if I were you". [2 definitions]
subkingdom in taxonomy, a category indicating a primary subdivision of a plant or animal kingdom.
sublanguage combined form of language.
sublease a lease of a whole or part of a property, such as an apartment, that is granted by a person who is the lessee of that property. [2 definitions]
sublet to rent (one's property held by lease) to another. [3 definitions]
sublevel combined form of level.
sublibrarian combined form of librarian.
sublicense combined form of license.
sublieutenant in the British navy and certain other armed forces, an officer ranking immediately below a lieutenant, or the rank of such an officer.
sublimate to divert the expression of (a crude impulse or desire, often sexual) into a socially acceptable or more ideal form. [4 definitions]
sublime exalted or noble; lofty. [5 definitions]
subliminal being, pertaining to, or using stimuli below the threshold of conscious perception.
sublimity the state or quality of being sublime.
sublingual located or designed to be placed under the tongue or on the underside of the tongue.
subliteracy combined form of literacy.
subliterate combined form of literate.