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submaximal combined form of maximal.
submenu combined form of menu.
submerge to put or plunge under water or other fluid. [3 definitions]
submerse to submerge.
submersible capable of being submerged or functioning while submerged. [2 definitions]
submicroscopic too small to be seen through an ordinary microscope.
subminiature smaller than miniature; extremely small. [3 definitions]
subminimal combined form of minimal.
subminister combined form of minister.
submission the act or an instance of submitting. [4 definitions]
submissive inclined or obliged to submit; unresisting; obedient; docile.
submit to give up or yield (oneself) to the power, will, or authority of another. [7 definitions]
subnational combined form of national.
subnetwork combined form of network.
subniche combined form of niche.
subnormal below or less than normal, as in intelligence. [2 definitions]
subnuclear of or denoting any of the particles in the nuclei of atoms.
suboptimal combined form of optimal.
suboptimum combined form of optimum.
suborbicular combined form of orbicular.
suborbital of a rocket or other spacecraft, not reaching a high enough altitude or speed to complete one full orbit around the earth. [2 definitions]