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summer school a high school or college session conducted during the summer.
summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day on which the period from sunrise to sunset is longest, usu. June 21.
summer squash any of various kinds of squash, esp. a yellow variety, that must be eaten soon after harvest.
summer theater a theater that presents plays during the summer.
summertime the season of summer.
summer triangle a group of three very bright stars, Deneb, Vega, and Altair, that form a conspicuous triangle in the summer sky.
summery of, pertaining to, or suitable for summer.
summing-up the process or result of summarizing.
summit the part with the highest elevation, esp. of a mountain; peak. [5 definitions]
summitry the belief in, use of, or reliance on summit conferences to solve international problems. [2 definitions]
summon to call or notify to appear for a particular purpose. [3 definitions]
summonable combined form of summon.
summons a request or demand to do something. [2 definitions]
summum bonum (Latin) the highest, greatest, or ultimate good.
sumo (sometimes cap.) a kind of Japanese wrestling in which two very large men try to win by forcing each other out of a ring or by causing each other to touch any part of the body other than the bottoms of the feet to the ground.
sump a well or pit into which fluids drain for collection and usu. removal, as by means of a pump. [2 definitions]
sump pump a pump that expels liquid, esp. from a sump.
sumpter a pack animal such as a horse or mule.
sumptuary designed to control extravagant spending. [2 definitions]
sumptuous large, lavish, or splendid, esp. when created at great cost.
sum total the total amount.