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summer theater a theater that presents plays during the summer.
summertime the season of summer.
summer triangle a group of three very bright stars, Deneb, Vega, and Altair, that form a conspicuous triangle in the summer sky.
summery of, pertaining to, or suitable for summer.
summing-up the process or result of summarizing.
summit the part with the highest elevation, esp. of a mountain; peak. [5 definitions]
summitry the belief in, use of, or reliance on summit conferences to solve international problems. [2 definitions]
summon to call or notify to appear for a particular purpose. [3 definitions]
summonable combined form of summon.
summons a request or demand to do something. [2 definitions]
summum bonum (Latin) the highest, greatest, or ultimate good.
sumo (sometimes cap.) a kind of Japanese wrestling in which two very large men try to win by forcing each other out of a ring or by causing each other to touch any part of the body other than the bottoms of the feet to the ground.
sump a well or pit into which fluids drain for collection and usu. removal, as by means of a pump. [2 definitions]
sump pump a pump that expels liquid, esp. from a sump.
sumpter a pack animal such as a horse or mule.
sumptuary designed to control extravagant spending. [2 definitions]
sumptuous large, lavish, or splendid, esp. when created at great cost.
sum total the total amount.
sum up to restate concisely; summarize.
Sun. abbreviation of "Sunday," the first day of the week, occurring between the Saturday of the previous week and Monday. [2 definitions]
sun (often cap.) the central star of the solar system around which the earth and other planets revolve and from which heat and light issue. [8 definitions]