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sundog see parhelion.
sundown the time when the sun sinks below the horizon; sunset.
sundress an informal, lightweight dress that exposes shoulders, arms, and back, typically worn in hot weather.
sundries small, inexpensive things of various kinds.
sundry of various kinds; miscellaneous.
sunfast of a fabric or color, resistant to fading by sunlight.
sunfish any of several small, brightly colored, American freshwater fish having flat, roughly circular bodies, such as the bluegill. [2 definitions]
sunflower any of several tall plants bearing large, yellow, roughly sun-shaped flowers with edible seeds in the center.
sung past participle and a past tense of sing.
sunglasses a pair of eyeglasses with dark-colored lenses to protect the eyes from bright sunlight.
sun god a personification of the sun, worshiped as a god. [2 definitions]
sunk a past tense and past participle of sink.
sunken a past participle of sink. [4 definitions]
sunlamp a lamp that produces ultraviolet light, used to get a suntan and in therapeutic treatments.
sunless lacking sunlight; dark. [2 definitions]
sunlight the light of the sun; sunshine.
sunlit full of sunlight.
Sunna the traditional body of Muslim law, based on the teachings and practices of Muhammad but not attributed directly to him, and followed by orthodox Muslims.
Sunni see Sunnite.
Sunnite a member of the main sect of Islam, believing in the Sunna as an authoritative supplement to the Koran, and accepting the first four caliphs as Muhammad's rightful successors; Sunni. (Cf. Shiite.)
sunny having much sunlight. [3 definitions]