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superinduce to bring in or introduce as an addition, added circumstance, or the like; superimpose.
superinsulated combined form of insulated.
superintellectual combined form of intellectual.
superintelligence combined form of intelligence.
superintelligent combined form of intelligent.
superintend to supervise the execution of (a job, procedure, or the like). [2 definitions]
superintendency the office or work of a superintendent. [2 definitions]
superintendent one who supervises or administers an institution, area, job, or the like. [2 definitions]
superintensity combined form of intensity.
Superior Lake Superior, the largest and westernmost of the Great Lakes.
superior higher in rank, station, or degree. [9 definitions]
superior court a court of general jurisdiction, above the inferior courts but below the highest appellate court.
superiority the quality or state of being superior.
superiority complex an outward feeling of superiority or exaggerated self-importance, often in compensation for inner feelings of inferiority.
superjumbo combined form of jumbo.
superl. abbreviation of "superlative," in grammar, denoting the form of adjectives and adverbs that indicates the highest or most extreme degree of comparison.
superlarge combined form of large.
superlative of the finest kind or highest quality. [5 definitions]
superlawyer combined form of lawyer.
superlobbyist combined form of lobbyist.
superloyalist combined form of loyalist.