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superscout combined form of scout.
superscribe to write on the outside surface of or above (an envelope or the main body of a letter). [2 definitions]
superscript of a number, letter, or symbol, written or printed above and just to one side of another character. (Cf. subscript.) [2 definitions]
superscription the act of writing, marking, or engraving on the outer surface or top of something. [2 definitions]
supersecrecy combined form of secrecy.
supersecret combined form of secret.
supersede to take over the position or influence of; replace. [2 definitions]
superseller combined form of seller.
supersensible unable to be perceived by the senses.
supersensitive extremely or overly sensitive, as to criticism or insult. [2 definitions]
supersession an act or instance of superseding or being superseded.
supersexuality combined form of sexuality.
supersharp combined form of sharp.
supershow combined form of show.
supersinger combined form of singer.
supersleuth combined form of sleuth.
supersmart combined form of smart.
supersmooth combined form of smooth.
supersoft combined form of soft.
supersonic exceeding or capable of exceeding the speed of sound waves through air.
supersonics (used with a sing. verb) the science or study of the aerodynamics of speeds greater than the speed of sound.