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suppose to assume (something) as true for the sake of argument or illustration. [4 definitions]
supposed assumed to be true, without factual certainty. [5 definitions]
supposedly according to what people say or suppose; allegedly.
supposition something that is supposed; assumption; hypothesis. [2 definitions]
supposititious inserted or substituted with deceitful intent; fraudulent; spurious. [2 definitions]
suppositive marked by, involving, or having the quality of supposition. [3 definitions]
suppository a solid piece of medicine that is inserted into the rectum or vagina, where it melts.
suppress to stop the activities or progress of, esp. by force. [4 definitions]
suppressant a drug designed to prevent undesirable symptoms or conditions.
suppression the act of suppressing or the state or being suppressed. [2 definitions]
suppurate to produce or release pus; fester.
suppuration the production or release of pus.
suppurative discharging pus. [3 definitions]
supra- above; over.
supranational outside of the boundaries or authority of a particular nation.
supraorbital above the eye socket. (Cf. suborbital.)
suprarenal situated on or above the kidney. [2 definitions]
supremacist a person who promotes the idea that a certain race or group is or should be supreme.
supremacy supreme power or authority. [2 definitions]
supreme having the highest rank, position, or authority. [3 definitions]
Supreme Court the highest federal court in the United States, consisting of nine appointed justices whose decisions on constitutional cases set precedents for all other courts in the nation. [2 definitions]