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survival the act of surviving, or the fact of having survived. [2 definitions]
survivalist one who believes that a disaster such as nuclear war or social upheaval is likely to occur and who attempts to ensure his or her survival by building shelter in a remote area, hoarding food and supplies, and the like.
survival of the fittest in biology, the evolutionary principle that only the forms of plants or animals best suited to or most easily able to adapt to existing conditions will survive, while other less suited forms will become extinct. (See natural selection.)
survive to continue to live despite serious immediate threat to one's life. [5 definitions]
survivor someone or something that survives. [2 definitions]
survivorship the state or condition of being a survivor. [2 definitions]
sus- under.
susceptibility the condition or trait of being susceptible. [3 definitions]
susceptible easily influenced or impressed (usu. fol. by "to"). [4 definitions]
susceptive open or receptive. [2 definitions]
sushi a Japanese dish consisting of cold rice wrapped, esp. in seaweed, around raw fish or vegetables.
suspect to have a theory or feeling that a certain thing is true without knowing what the facts are. [7 definitions]
suspend to hang (something) from a higher position. [7 definitions]
suspended animation a state in which life functions are temporarily suspended, esp. for resumption under more favorable conditions.
suspender belt (chiefly British) a beltlike undergarment of cloth or elastic with four garters sewn to it, used by some women for holding up stockings; garter belt.
suspenders a pair of adjustable straps that are designed to support trousers, worn over the shoulders and attached to the trousers at the front and back of the waist. [2 definitions]
suspense a state of excitement or anxiety resulting from uncertainty or mystery. [3 definitions]
suspense account in bookkeeping, an account in which items such as credits or debits are temporarily recorded before their final disposition is determined.
suspenseful giving one a feeling of excitement or anxiety because of uncertainty about what may happen or what may be revealed.
suspenseless combined form of suspense.
suspension the act of suspending or the condition of being suspended. [5 definitions]