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swarthy dark in color or complexion.
swash to splash, as moving water or something in water does. [9 definitions]
swashbuckler a swaggering adventurer, such as a pirate or swordsman.
swastika a symbol consisting of a cross with four arms of equal length that are bent at right angles. [2 definitions]
SWAT a team of law enforcement officers specially trained to deal with violent or dangerous situations (acronym for "special weapons and tactics").
swat to hit abruptly, as with an open hand or fly swatter; slap; smack. [4 definitions]
swatch a small sample or specimen cut from something, esp. cloth.
swath the width or path cut by one pass of a scythe, mower, or the like. [3 definitions]
swathe to wrap up, enfold, or bind, esp. with a wrapping material or bands. [4 definitions]
sway to swing back and forth or from side to side; rock. [11 definitions]
swayback an excessive or abnormal inward or downward curvature of the spine, as in some horses. [2 definitions]
Swaziland a country in southeastern Africa between South Africa and Mozambique, now officially Eswatini.
swear to vow, declare, or affirm in the name of a deity or in the presence of a sacred object. [9 definitions]
swear by to name (someone or something) as one's witness or guarantee as to the truth of a declaration or the solemnity of a promise. [2 definitions]
swear in to administer a legal oath or oath of office to.
swear off (informal) to resolve to give up (some thing or behavior); renounce.
swearword a word or phrase considered to be obscene or profane; curse word.
sweat to excrete salty fluid from the skin pores for cooling of the body; perspire. [18 definitions]
sweatband a band of cloth or leather sewn into a hat to absorb sweat. [2 definitions]
sweatbox a box that holds products such as skins, fruits, or tobacco leaves during their curing or fermenting process. [2 definitions]
sweat equity (informal) the labor invested in a property, building, business, or the like that increases its worth.