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swelter to be afflicted by oppressive heat. [2 definitions]
sweltering overly hot or humid; sultry. [2 definitions]
swept past tense and past participle of sweep.
sweptback of an airplane wing, having a sharply backward slant.
sweptwing of an airplane, having sweptback wings.
swerve to change direction suddenly; turn abruptly; veer. [3 definitions]
swift moving or able to move very rapidly; speedy. [7 definitions]
swig (informal) an amount of fluid, esp. liquor, drunk in a single rapid swallow. [2 definitions]
swill liquid food or food mixed with much liquid, esp. refuse fed to domestic animals; slop. [8 definitions]
swim to move through water by means of bodily motions. [10 definitions]
swim bladder an inflated sac that extends lengthwise against the upper side of the body cavity of most bony fishes, its purpose being to regulate hydrostatic pressure.
swimmer one who swims, esp. one who does so competitively.
swimmeret any of the small abdominal appendages found on various crustaceans such as lobsters, used mainly to carry eggs or aid in swimming.
swimming the activity of propelling one's body through water by means of bodily motions.
swimming costume a British word for a garment worn for swimming. Swimming costume has the same meaning as bathing suit.
swimming hole a pond or a deep spot in a river or stream that is used for swimming.
swimmingly with great ease or success; splendidly.
swimming pool a large man-made tank or pool, usu. concrete and using water-filtering equipment, filled with water and used for swimming.
swimsuit see bathing suit.
swimwear clothing worn for swimming, sunbathing, and the like.
swindle to cheat, esp. by deceit; dupe. [4 definitions]