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synopsis a short statement giving an overview, the main principles, or the sequence of events of a narrative, argument, article, or the like; summary; abstract.
synopsize to make a brief, condensed summary, outline, or statement of (a longer work); summarize.
synoptic of or indicating a synopsis; forming a summary or overview. [2 definitions]
synovia a clear, thickish secretion from body membranes such as joints or tendon sheaths, which acts as a lubricant.
syntactic of or concerning syntax.
syntactics (used with a sing. verb) the division of semiotics dealing with the components and intrinsic attributes of signs and symbols rather than their use or effect.
syntax the study of the structure and formation of phrases and sentences. [5 definitions]
synthesis the combining of discrete elements into a unified compound or entity, or the unified whole formed by such a combining. (Cf. analysis.) [3 definitions]
synthesize to bring together or combine (separate elements) to form a whole. [3 definitions]
synthesizer an electronic device containing amplifiers, filters, and oscillators that is capable of imitating sounds like those produced by musical instruments, the human voice, machines, and the like, used esp. by musicians. [2 definitions]
synthetic of, pertaining to, resulting from, or involving synthesis. [5 definitions]
synthetic fuel a hydrocarbon fuel produced from fossil fuels such as shale, tar sands, or coal.
synthetic resin any of numerous resinous substances formed by the condensing or polymerizing of simpler molecules. [2 definitions]
syphilis a bacterial disease that can be transmitted between sexual partners or to an infant during childbirth, causing a latent infection that can affect any organ of the body or result in paralysis or insanity.
syphon variant of siphon.
Syria a Middle East country on the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Jordan.
Syriac a former Aramaic language now used liturgically in some eastern Christian churches.
syringa any of various ornamental shrubs or low trees, including the lilacs, that bear fragrant white, purple, or pink flowers shaped in a cylindrical tube. [2 definitions]
syringe a small tube, usu. fitted with a piston or bulb, for drawing in a quantity of fluid and pumping it through a small aperture or ejecting it in a stream. [3 definitions]
syrinx the vocal organ of birds, consisting of a thin vibrating muscle usu. located at or near the point where the trachea divides into the bronchi. [2 definitions]
syrup a solution of sugar in water, esp. a viscous solution containing flavoring or medication. [2 definitions]