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take one's breath away to astonish or startle.
take one's time to do something without the need to hurry.
takeout of or relating to prepared food that is consumed off the premises. [3 definitions]
takeover the act or an instance of taking control or replacing a previous authority, as of a business or government.
take over to begin to have control of something.
take (someone's) part to join with or support someone.
take part in to involve yourself in; be active in.
take pity on to treat mercifully or help because of pity.
take place to happen.
take root to send out new roots; begin to grow or become fixed in the ground. [2 definitions]
take shape to come to have a more complete or definite form.
take (someone) down a peg to make humbler.
take stock in to consider important or believable.
take the bull by the horns to confront a formidable problem in a direct manner in spite of fear.
take the cake be exceptional; outdo others, often in some undesirable characteristic.
take the pledge to vow to abstain from alcoholic beverages.
take the plunge to take bold action, esp. after a period of doubt.
take the rap (slang) to receive blame or punishment.
take time to require a substantial amount of time to do something or for something to happen. [2 definitions]
take to heart to regard seriously or with concern.
take to task to reprimand; rebuke; censure.