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tall having height in excess of the average. [6 definitions]
Tallahassee the capital of Florida.
Tallin the capital of Estonia.
tallith a fringed shawl with bands of blue or black, worn by Jewish males during prayer.
tallow the hard fatty matter from animals such as cattle or sheep, used in making soap, candles, lubricants, and certain foods. [3 definitions]
tallowy like tallow in color or consistency.
tall tale a story that is unlikely to be true and often involving elements that are clearly exaggerated.
tally a device or form for recording totals. [7 definitions]
tally chart a chart on which tally marks are made to keep count during the process of data collection.
tallyho used in hunting to urge on foxhounds when a fox has been sighted. [3 definitions]
tally mark a mark used to keep count.
Talmud the two-part collection of rabbinic writings on civil and religious law that is authoritative for traditional, esp. Orthodox, Judaism. (See Mishnah, Gemara.)
Talmudist an author or compiler of some portion of the Talmud. [2 definitions]
talon a bird or animal claw, esp. of a bird of prey. [2 definitions]
talus1 the upper tarsal bone that joins the leg bones to form the ankle joint; anklebone.
talus2 a slope. [2 definitions]
tam a tam-o'-shanter.
tamable combined form of tame.
tamale a peppery Mexican dish of ground meat in a wrapper of cornmeal dough, steamed or baked in corn husks.
tamandua a small, tree-dwelling, tropical American anteater with thick fur, a hairless tail, and large ears.
tamarack any of several deciduous North American pine trees, esp. one that grows in northern regions and is usu. found in swamps; larch. [2 definitions]