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tawny a light brown color having shades of yellow or orange; tan. [2 definitions]
tax a sum of money levied by government on income, property, or sales and used for its services and administration. [6 definitions]
taxable subject to tax.
taxation the act of imposing a tax or taxes. [3 definitions]
tax-deductible excluded when calculating tax on income.
tax duplicate a document given to tax authorities that certifies the value of real-estate holdings.
taxeme any of the minimal features in grammatical construction, such as word selection, word order, or phonetic modification.
tax-exempt not subject to taxation.
tax-free having no tax; tax-exempt.
taxi a taxicab. [5 definitions]
taxicab an automobile or other common form of transportation that carries passengers for a fee that is usu. determined according to the distance traveled.
taxi dancer someone employed by a dance hall to dance, for a fee, with the patrons.
taxidermy the art of preserving dead animals by stuffing and mounting their skins in order to retain a lifelike appearance.
taximeter a mechanical device installed in taxicabs that automatically calculates the distance driven and the fare owed.
taxing making heavy demands; burdensome.
taxis1 the movement of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus. [2 definitions]
taxis2 pl. of taxi.
taxi squad in football, a group of reserve players who practice with the team but do not play in the professional games.
taxi stand a parking area reserved for taxicabs waiting to be hired.
taxo- arrangement; order.
taxon a specific category or unit used in the biological system of animal and plant classification that groups organisms by factors common to each.