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teething ring a circular object made of plastic, ivory, or rubber for a teething baby to gnaw.
teethridge the gum along the inner edge of the upper front teeth.
teetotal of, concerning, favoring, or practicing total abstinence from drinking alcoholic beverages. [2 definitions]
teetotaler one who totally refrains from drinking alcoholic beverages.
teetotalism the practice or principle of abstinence from alcoholic beverages.
teetotum a four-sided top with a letter on each side, spun with the fingers in certain games of chance.
Teflon trademark for polytetrafluoroethylene, a substance used to provide a nonsticking coating on some cookware and industrial products.
tegmen a cover, coating, or integument, such as the tough forewing of certain insects or the inner coat of some seeds.
Tegucigalpa the capital of Honduras.
tegular resembling or pertaining to a tile or tiles. [2 definitions]
tegument a natural outer covering of the body or a plant; integument.
Tehran the capital of Iran.
tektite any of numerous small, roundish pieces of natural glass found in various parts of the world and believed to have originated from meteorite impacts when melted terrestrial rocks get ejected into the air and then quickly cool.
tel. abbreviation of "telephone," a device used to transmit sound, esp. speech, over long distances, usu. by wire.
tel- a variant of tele-1, tele-2.
tele-1 distance. [2 definitions]
tele-2 end.
telecast to broadcast by television. [2 definitions]
telecommunication (often pl., but used with a sing. verb) the science, technology, or process of communicating over great distances, as by television, telephone, or radio.
telecommuting the performing of office work at home by using a computer terminal and sending this work back to the employer by electronic means.
teleconference a conference of people in different locations who communicate by telephone, television, computer, or the like. [2 definitions]