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telecommunication (often pl., but used with a sing. verb) the science, technology, or process of communicating over great distances, as by television, telephone, or radio.
telecommuting the performing of office work at home by using a computer terminal and sending this work back to the employer by electronic means.
teleconference a conference of people in different locations who communicate by telephone, television, computer, or the like. [2 definitions]
telecourse a televised series of lectures, offered by a college or university for credit.
telegenic having a pleasing appearance or manner on television. (See photogenic.)
telegram a communication sent by telegraph.
telegraph an apparatus or system by which messages may be sent by a coded arrangement of simple electrical impulses, usu. along wires. [4 definitions]
telegraphy the transmission or communication of messages by telegraph.
Telegu variant of Telugu.
telekinesis a scientifically inexplicable power to move objects without physical contact, as by means of psychic forces.
telemark a turn in skiing in which the skier's balance is shifted forward, thereby moving the tip of a ski gradually inward in the direction of the turn.
telemarketing the use of the telephone as a sales tool in research and promotion, processing orders, and the like.
telemeter any instrument that measures, records, and transmits data on physical characteristics such as radiation and temperature from a great distance, used esp. in space vehicles. [3 definitions]
telemetry the science, technology, or process of gathering and transmitting data automatically over great distances, as from an artificial satellite to a monitoring station on earth.
Telemos in Greek mythology, the prophetic son of Eurymos, known for warning Polyphemus about Odysseus.
telencephalon the anterior part of the forebrain, including the cerebral hemispheres and cortex, and the olfactory lobes.
teleology the philosophical doctrine that final causes exist. [2 definitions]
telepath a person who can communicate with others using telepathy.
telepathy communication between minds without the use of sensory signals.
telephone a device used to transmit sound, esp. speech, over long distances, usu. by wire. [6 definitions]
telephony the design, construction, or operation of telephone systems.