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tend2 to care for or maintain; look after (a person or thing). [2 definitions]
tendency an inclination or natural disposition to move in a certain direction. [2 definitions]
tendentious having or expressing a particular point of view; not impartial; biased.
tender1 easily chewed or crushed; not tough; soft. [6 definitions]
tender2 to formally present. [4 definitions]
tender3 a person who cares for, manages, or takes charge of something. [2 definitions]
tenderfoot one who is unaccustomed to rough outdoor life; greenhorn. [3 definitions]
tender-hearted inclined to feel love, pity, sorrow, or the like; soft-hearted; compassionate; sympathetic.
tenderize to cause (meat) to be tender, as by pounding or marinating.
tenderloin a strip of esp. tender meat located beside the backbone in beef or pork. [2 definitions]
tendinitis inflammation of the tendon.
tendon a cord or band of tough white fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with a bone or other part; sinew.
tendril a long, thin, leafless twining stem or extension with which some climbing plants attach themselves to a support. [2 definitions]
tenebrous dark and gloomy; obscure.
tenement an apartment building, esp. one located in the poorer section of a city. [4 definitions]
tenement house an overcrowded, usu. run-down apartment building, esp. one in a slum area of an urban region.
tenet any belief, opinion, doctrine, or the like, that a person or esp. an organization holds as being true.
tenfold having ten parts or elements. [3 definitions]
ten-gallon hat a cowboy hat with a very wide brim and tall crown, usu. made of felt.
Tennessee a southeastern U.S. state between Kentucky and Alabama. (abbr.: TN)
Tennessee Valley Authority a U.S. federal corporation formed in 1933 to provide inexpensive electric power, flood control, and irrigation to the Tennessee Valley by developing the Tennessee River and creating dams, reservoirs, and the like.