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terpsichorean of or relating to dancing. [2 definitions]
terr. abbreviation of "territory."
terrace a constructed horizontal surface, usu. roofless, that is exterior to a house or other building. [6 definitions]
terra cotta a hard brownish red ceramic clay, used in the making of sculpture, pottery, architectural ornaments, and building components. [2 definitions]
terra firma land that is firm or dry; solid earth.
terrain the natural surface features of a tract of land, esp. considered in relation to some use or activity.
terra incognita (Latin) an unexplored land or subject.
terrapin an edible North American turtle that lives in fresh or somewhat salty water.
terrarium a closed container, usu. of glass, in which small plants such as mosses are grown or small animals such as lizards are kept. (Cf. aquarium.)
terrazzo a flooring that is composed of marble or other stone chips bound in cement and polished when dry.
terrestrial of or relating to the earth or its inhabitants. [5 definitions]
terret one of the metal rings on the saddle of a harness through which the reins pass. [2 definitions]
terrible creating terror, fear, or horror. [3 definitions]
terribly very poorly. [2 definitions]
terrier a small energetic dog originally bred to drive animals from their holes or burrows.
terrific extraordinary in degree; great. [3 definitions]
terrified filled with great fear or terror.
terrify to fill with great fear or terror.
terrifying causing great fear or terror.
territorial of or relating to land or territory. [5 definitions]
territoriality the condition or status of a territory. [2 definitions]