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terry one of the uncut loops that form the pile of a piece of cloth. [2 definitions]
terse effectively brief and to the point; concise; pithy.
tertial of or pertaining to the third row of flight feathers on the basal segment of a bird's wing.
tertian occurring every third or every other day, as a recurrent fever or the disease causing it, such as malaria.
tertiary third in order, rank, importance, degree, or the like. [5 definitions]
terza rima a three-line Italian verse form, the second line of each stanza rhyming with the first and third lines of the following stanza.
tesla a unit of magnetic flux density equal to one weber per square meter.
tessellate to decorate (a floor, wall, or the like) with a mosaic pattern, as by using small square pieces of stone or glass.
tessitura the general range or pitch of an instrumental or vocal part in a musical composition.
test1 a means of trial or of measuring the quality or presence of something. [7 definitions]
test2 the hard, protective outer covering of certain invertebrates.
testa the outer, natural covering or coating of a seed; tegument.
testament a statement expressing belief or conviction; credo. [3 definitions]
testate having made, before dying, a legally valid will. (Cf. intestate.)
testator one who has left a legally valid will.
test ban an agreement between nations that produce atomic bombs to refrain from nuclear testing, as in the earth's atmosphere.
test case a legal action that tries the constitutionality of a statute or that is likely to set a precedent.
tester1 one that tests.
tester2 a canopy, esp. over a bed or altar.
testicle one of the two male reproductive glands, located in the scrotum.
testify to give evidence or testimony. [6 definitions]