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tetrarchy the rule of, or territory ruled by, a tetrarch. [2 definitions]
tetravalent having a valence of four. [2 definitions]
tetroxide an oxide in which any one molecule contains four atoms of oxygen.
tetter any of several skin diseases, such as eczema or herpes, that cause itching and eruptions of the epidermis.
Teuton a member of an ancient Germanic people that lived in northern Europe. [2 definitions]
Teutonic of or pertaining to the ancient Teutons or their culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Tevet the fourth month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late December through early January in the Gregorian calendar.
Texas a southwestern U.S. state between Mexico and Oklahoma. (abbr.: TX) [2 definitions]
Texas fever an infectious disease of the red blood cells, transmitted by ticks, that is commonly found in cattle.
Texas leaguer in baseball, a fly ball that strikes the ground between the infield and the outfield and is designated a fair hit.
Texas tower a tall platform or structure, built offshore, that is used to support radar or navigation equipment.
Tex-Mex (informal) characterized or influenced by both Mexican and Texan elements, as cooking or architecture.
text the body of a printed work as distinguished from its title, headings, notes, and the like. [8 definitions]
textbook a book used as the basis for instruction in or study of a specific subject.
text box a box on a computer screen that allows the user to type in text that can then be used by the program.
textile a woven or knitted fabric. [4 definitions]
text message a short message typed on the keypad of a cellular phone and transmitted to another cellular phone. Text messages often employ shortened forms of words, which may also include numbers to represent sounds within words or to represent whole words; text. [3 definitions]
textual of, in, or relating to a text. [2 definitions]
textual criticism the scholarly study of a written text, as to determine authorship or the original or most authoritative version.
texture the appearance or feel of something, esp. a surface, resulting from the nature or arrangement of the substance or material that constitutes it. [3 definitions]
textureless combined form of texture.