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textureless combined form of texture.
TGIF abbreviation of "Thank God it's Friday."
-th1 quality; condition. [2 definitions]
-th2 used to form ordinal numbers.
Th symbol of the chemical element thorium.
Thai a native or citizen of Thailand, or a descendant thereof; Thailander; Siamese. [3 definitions]
Thailand a Southeast Asian country in Indochina between Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.
thalamus the part of the forebrain through which sensory impulses are sent to the cerebral cortex. [2 definitions]
thalassemia an inherited form of anemia caused by abnormal production of hemoglobin.
thalassic of, pertaining to, or found in the seas or oceans. [2 definitions]
thalidomide a crystalline solid formerly used as a sedative and tranquilizer, withdrawn from the market after having been shown to cause fetal abnormalities when taken by pregnant women.
thallium a chemical element that has eighty-one protons in each nucleus and that can be isolated as a soft easily corroding toxic metal whose sulfate salt is sometimes used as a pesticide. (symbol: Tl)
thallophyte any of several plants, such as fungi, lichens, and algae, that display no roots, stems, leaves, or flowers.
thallus the plant body of a thallophyte, showing no distinct roots, stems, or leaves.
Thames a river in southern England that flows through London into the North Sea.
than used to introduce the alternative part of a comparison. [2 definitions]
thanatology the interdisciplinary study of death and dying, esp. as approached from medical, psychological, and social perspectives.
Thanatos in Greek mythology, a personification of death. [2 definitions]
thane in England before the Norman Conquest, a freeman who was granted land by the king or a lord in return for military service. [2 definitions]
thank to express gratitude or appreciation to. [2 definitions]
thankful feeling or showing gratitude.