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thallus the plant body of a thallophyte, showing no distinct roots, stems, or leaves.
Thames a river in southern England that flows through London into the North Sea.
than used to introduce the alternative part of a comparison. [2 definitions]
thanatology the interdisciplinary study of death and dying, esp. as approached from medical, psychological, and social perspectives.
Thanatos in Greek mythology, a personification of death. [2 definitions]
thane in England before the Norman Conquest, a freeman who was granted land by the king or a lord in return for military service. [2 definitions]
thank to express gratitude or appreciation to. [2 definitions]
thankful feeling or showing gratitude.
thankless not likely to receive appreciation or reward. [2 definitions]
thanks an acknowledgment of gratitude for a benefit received. [3 definitions]
Thanksgiving (l.c.) feeling or outpouring of gratitude; giving of thanks. [2 definitions]
Thanksgiving Day a U.S. holiday in late November that commemorates the good harvest of the Pilgrims in 1621; Thanksgiving.
thanks to let thanks be given to. [2 definitions]
thank-you an ordinary expression of gratitude. [2 definitions]
thank you used to politely express gratitude at being given or offered something, such as a gift, service, opportunity, or compliment.
that the person, thing, or matter mentioned or understood. [12 definitions]
thatch straw, palm leaves, or other dried plant material used as a covering, esp. as roofing. [4 definitions]
thatching roofing material made of thatch.
that'd (informal) contracted form of "that would".
that'll (informal) contracted form of "that will".
that's (informal) contracted form of "that is". ; contracted form of "that has".