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thermal of, pertaining to, generating, utilizing, or resulting from heat. [3 definitions]
thermal barrier the maximum flight speed of a given supersonic aircraft in the atmosphere that is set by aerodynamic heating effects.
thermal pollution the releasing of large quantities of heated air or water that disrupt the local ecological balance.
thermal spring a spring with water that is of a higher temperature than the mean annual temperature of the spring's locale.
thermic of, pertaining to, or resulting from heat; thermal.
thermionic tube a vacuum tube in which an electrically heated cathode causes the emission of electrons or ions.
thermistor an electronic resistor made of solid semiconducting material, whose resistance increases with a decrease in temperature, and that is used to measure temperature variations in body cells, microwaves, or the like.
thermo- heat.
thermocline a layer of water between the warm surface water and the cold deep water of a lake, bay, or the like, within which the temperature changes rapidly.
thermocouple a pair of dissimilar conductors, joined at two points to form a closed circuit, that produce a thermoelectric current when their junctions are maintained at different temperatures.
thermodynamic of or concerning thermodynamics. [2 definitions]
thermodynamics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of physics concerned with the relationship between heat and other energy forms.
thermoelectric of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or caused by the direct relationship between heat and electricity.
thermoelectricity electricity that is generated by heating or cooling the junctions of a thermocouple.
thermogram a record of temperature variations that is made by a thermograph.
thermograph a thermometer containing an infrared camera that automatically records the temperature it measures.
thermographic of or related to thermography.
thermography the use of an infrared camera to measure temperature variations within an object or body part. [2 definitions]
thermojunction the point of contact made when the two conductors of a thermocouple are joined together.
thermometer an instrument for measuring temperature, esp. a sealed glass tube with a calibrated scale on the outside and a column of liquid, usu. mercury, inside that rises or falls as the temperature changes.
thermonuclear of, pertaining to, or resulting from the fusion of the nuclei of a gas at very high temperatures. [2 definitions]