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thickheaded slow to comprehend; dull or stupid.
thickness the condition or quality of being thick. [4 definitions]
thickset having a thick, solid body; stocky. [2 definitions]
thick-skinned having a thick skin. [2 definitions]
thick-witted stupid; unintelligent; dull.
thief someone who steals.
thieve to take the property of others without right; commit theft, esp. habitually. [2 definitions]
thievery an act or the practice of theft; stealing.
thieves plural of thief.
thievish inclined to thievery. [2 definitions]
thigh the part of the human leg between the hip and the knee. [2 definitions]
thighbone the long bone between the hip and the knee; femur.
thill either of the shafts, attached to a vehicle, between which an animal is harnessed.
thimble a small cup, usu. of metal or plastic, used to protect the finger that pushes the needle through cloth in sewing.
thimbleful the amount a thimble can hold. [2 definitions]
thimblerig see "shell game." [2 definitions]
thimerosal a mercury compound with antiseptic properties that was once used as a preservative in vaccines and other medicinal preparations.
thin having little thickness from one side of a surface to the other. [10 definitions]
thine a possessive case of thou (used chiefly in earlier literature and religious writing); yours or your.
thing an abstract or concrete entity. [10 definitions]
thingamabob (informal) something for which the precise name is unknown or has been forgotten; thingamajig.