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threatening containing, or appearing to contain, a threat of harm. [2 definitions]
three the number represented by the Arabic numeral 3 and by the Roman numeral III. [3 definitions]
three-base hit a hit in baseball that allows the batter to reach third base safely; triple.
three-card monte a gambling game in which three cards are dealt face down and shuffled about, and spectators then bet on the location of a particular card.
three-decker something with three levels or layers, esp. a sandwich with three slices of bread; triple-decker. [2 definitions]
three-digit number a whole number containing three digits, such as 365.
three-dimensional having or appearing in three dimensions; having depth as well as height and width. [2 definitions]
threefold having three parts or elements. [3 definitions]
three-four time see "three-quarter time."
three-mile limit the outer limit, under international law, of a country's jurisdiction extending from its coast.
threepence the sum of three British pence. [2 definitions]
threepenny costing or worth three pence. [2 definitions]
three-phase of, designating, or pertaining to an electrical circuit, system, or device powered by three alternating electromotive forces that differ in phase by one-third of a cycle, or 120 electrical degrees.
three-piece made of or having three parts. [2 definitions]
three-ply having three layers, strands, or the like bonded or woven together.
three-point landing a perfect aircraft landing in which the two main wheels and the tail or nose wheel touch down simultaneously.
three-point play in basketball, a play in which a player is fouled while making a two-point basket and then scores another point on the subsequent free throw.
three-quarter time a musical meter having three quarter notes or their equivalent in each measure; three-four time.
three-ring circus a circus having simultaneous performances in three separate rings. [2 definitions]
three R's reading, writing, and arithmetic, considered as the fundamentals of education.
threescore being three times twenty in number; sixty.