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threepenny costing or worth three pence. [2 definitions]
three-phase of, designating, or pertaining to an electrical circuit, system, or device powered by three alternating electromotive forces that differ in phase by one-third of a cycle, or 120 electrical degrees.
three-piece made of or having three parts. [2 definitions]
three-ply having three layers, strands, or the like bonded or woven together.
three-point landing a perfect aircraft landing in which the two main wheels and the tail or nose wheel touch down simultaneously.
three-point play in basketball, a play in which a player is fouled while making a two-point basket and then scores another point on the subsequent free throw.
three-quarter time a musical meter having three quarter notes or their equivalent in each measure; three-four time.
three-ring circus a circus having simultaneous performances in three separate rings. [2 definitions]
three R's reading, writing, and arithmetic, considered as the fundamentals of education.
threescore being three times twenty in number; sixty.
threesome a group of three people or things, as in a golf game.
three-way designed to operate in three ways, esp. as a light bulb or electrical switch that operates on three different wattages.
three-wheeler a vehicle with three wheels, such as a tricycle or some early or experimental cars.
threnody a poem or song of mourning; lamentation; dirge.
threonine an amino acid found in many proteins that is essential in the diet of humans but not essential in the diet of most animals.
thresh to separate the grain from the chaff of (a cereal such as wheat). [3 definitions]
thresher a person or machine that threshes grain. [2 definitions]
threshold the sill underneath a door; doorway. [3 definitions]
thresh out to discuss vigorously and at length until agreement is reached.
thresh over to discuss vigorously and at length until agreement is reached.
threw past tense of throw.