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tie clasp a usu. ornamental clasp that holds the free ends of a necktie to the shirt front.
tiedye a method of dyeing fabrics or garments in an irregular or abstract pattern by tightly tying them in bunches so that only the exposed parts are dyed. [3 definitions]
tie-in of, pertaining to, or denoting the marketing or sale of two or more products together. [3 definitions]
tieless combined form of tie.
tie line a connecting link between two principal lines, such as telephone or power lines.
tiepin a straight pin with a decorative head and a holder for the point, used to secure the free ends of a necktie to each other or to the shirt front; stickpin.
tier1 one of a series of rows, levels, or strata situated or ranked one above another, such as one of several balconies in a theater. [2 definitions]
tier2 one who ties.
tierce formerly, a unit of capacity equal to one third of a pipe or forty-two gallons. [4 definitions]
tiercel variant of tercel.
tie rod an iron rod that acts as a structural connector in a building to counteract tensile stress. [2 definitions]
tie tack a short straight pin with an ornamental head, used to hold the free ends of a necktie to a shirt front.
tie-up a temporary stoppage, as of traffic, service, or production, caused by some obstruction, accident, breakdown, or the like.
tie up to tie someone with something like a rope to prevent that person from moving. [2 definitions]
tiff a minor disagreement or petty quarrel.
tiffany a thin silk or cotton muslin gauze.
tiger a large flesh-eating Asian mammal of the cat family that has a distinctive tawny coat marked by black stripes. [3 definitions]
tiger beetle any of numerous usu. bright-colored active beetles that prey on other insects.
tiger cat any of several small wild cats, such as the ocelot, that resemble the tiger in color or ferocity. [2 definitions]
tiger lily an Asian lily that has large orange petals spotted with black and curved back toward the stem, or any of various similarly colored lilies.
tiger moth any of numerous moths that are often brightly colored and have conspicuous stripes or spots on their wings, and whose larvae have woolly coats.