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tiderip a rip current caused by conflicting tides, or by a tidal current flowing over a rough seabed.
tidewater water brought up or affected by the tide. [2 definitions]
tidings (sometimes used with a sing. verb) news or information.
tidy neat and orderly in appearance, arrangement, manner of proceeding, or the like. [5 definitions]
tie to fasten, secure, or bind with a cord or string. [15 definitions]
tieback a strip of fabric, braid, or the like, looped around the width of a curtain or drape to hold it open to one side of a window or door.
tie beam a horizontal beam used to connect two structural members, as in a roof truss.
tiebreaker an extra game, question, or vote used to determine a winner from among those tied at the end of a sporting event, election, or other contest.
tie clasp a usu. ornamental clasp that holds the free ends of a necktie to the shirt front.
tiedye a method of dyeing fabrics or garments in an irregular or abstract pattern by tightly tying them in bunches so that only the exposed parts are dyed. [3 definitions]
tie-in of, pertaining to, or denoting the marketing or sale of two or more products together. [3 definitions]
tieless combined form of tie.
tie line a connecting link between two principal lines, such as telephone or power lines.
tiepin a straight pin with a decorative head and a holder for the point, used to secure the free ends of a necktie to each other or to the shirt front; stickpin.
tier1 one of a series of rows, levels, or strata situated or ranked one above another, such as one of several balconies in a theater. [2 definitions]
tier2 one who ties.
tierce formerly, a unit of capacity equal to one third of a pipe or forty-two gallons. [4 definitions]
tiercel variant of tercel.
tie rod an iron rod that acts as a structural connector in a building to counteract tensile stress. [2 definitions]
tie tack a short straight pin with an ornamental head, used to hold the free ends of a necktie to a shirt front.
tie-up a temporary stoppage, as of traffic, service, or production, caused by some obstruction, accident, breakdown, or the like.