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tiger moth any of numerous moths that are often brightly colored and have conspicuous stripes or spots on their wings, and whose larvae have woolly coats.
tiger's-eye a semiprecious, golden brown gemstone of changeable luster, composed of quartz tinted by iron oxide, used for jewelry.
-tight impenetrable by.
tight securely fastened, shut, or fixed in place. [11 definitions]
tighten to make or become tight, tighter, more constricted, or the like.
tight end a player in football who is stationed close to and outside the tackle on the offense.
tightfisted excessively frugal; stingy.
tightfitting that fits very tightly.
tightknit closely knit or woven together, as a fabric. [2 definitions]
tight-lipped with lips tightly shut or compressed. [2 definitions]
tightly in a firm, close, or secure way.
tightrope a tightly stretched rope or wire cable, suspended high above ground, on which acrobatic feats are performed, as at a circus.
tights a close-fitting, opaque, stretchable garment that covers the legs and lower torso, used in exercise, acrobatics, and dancing, or worn in place of hosiery by women and girls. [2 definitions]
tight ship (informal) an organization or group that is extremely efficient and well-run.
tightwad (informal) one who is tightfisted; stingy person; miser.
tigress a female tiger. [2 definitions]
Tigris a river in southwestern Asia that flows through Turkey and Iraq, joining the Euphrates in a valley in which some of the most ancient civilizations developed.
Tigris River a river that begins in eastern Turkey and flows through Syria and Iraq. In southeastern Iraq, the river joins the Euphrates River and eventually empties into the Persian Gulf.
tike variant of tyke.
tiki (cap.) in Polynesian mythology, the first man, or the god that created him. [2 definitions]
tilak a religious mark, usu. of colored sandalwood paste, worn on the forehead by Hindus.