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tiger's-eye a semiprecious, golden brown gemstone of changeable luster, composed of quartz tinted by iron oxide, used for jewelry.
-tight impenetrable by.
tight securely fastened, shut, or fixed in place. [11 definitions]
tighten to make or become tight, tighter, more constricted, or the like.
tight end a player in football who is stationed close to and outside the tackle on the offense.
tightfisted excessively frugal; stingy.
tightfitting that fits very tightly.
tightknit closely knit or woven together, as a fabric. [2 definitions]
tight-lipped with lips tightly shut or compressed. [2 definitions]
tightly in a firm, close, or secure way.
tightrope a tightly stretched rope or wire cable, suspended high above ground, on which acrobatic feats are performed, as at a circus.
tights a close-fitting, opaque, stretchable garment that covers the legs and lower torso, used in exercise, acrobatics, and dancing, or worn in place of hosiery by women and girls. [2 definitions]
tight ship (informal) an organization or group that is extremely efficient and well-run.
tightwad (informal) one who is tightfisted; stingy person; miser.
tigress a female tiger. [2 definitions]
Tigris a river in southwestern Asia that flows through Turkey and Iraq, joining the Euphrates in a valley in which some of the most ancient civilizations developed.
tike variant of tyke.
tiki (cap.) in Polynesian mythology, the first man, or the god that created him. [2 definitions]
tilak a religious mark, usu. of colored sandalwood paste, worn on the forehead by Hindus.
tilbury a light, topless, two-wheeled, two-passenger carriage of the early nineteenth century.
tilde a diacritical mark (), placed over an "n" in Spanish to indicate a palatal nasal sound, or over a vowel in Portuguese to indicate nasalization.