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timbal a kettledrum.
timbale creamed chicken, seafood, vegetables, or the like baked in a drum-shaped pastry shell. [2 definitions]
timber trees that are suitable as a source of wood for construction. [5 definitions]
timbered covered with trees. [2 definitions]
timber hitch a knot used to tie a rope to a spar or log in which the rope is wrapped once around the object to be held and then several times along its own length.
timberland wooded land suitable for commercial lumbering.
timberline the land elevation or polar region beyond which trees will not grow.
timber wolf a large North American gray wolf.
timbre the characteristic tonal quality of any sound, esp. a musical instrument, voice, or speech sound, regardless of its pitch or volume.
timbrel an ancient percussion instrument resembling the tambourine.
time a nonspatial system in which events appear to happen in irreversible succession; arrangement of events into past, present, and future. [18 definitions]
time and a half a rate of pay, usu. for overtime work, that is fifty percent higher than that normally paid.
time and motion study an analysis of the motions required to perform a task or carry out an operation, done to reduce the number of movements and conserve time, esp. in industrial production.
time bomb a device consisting of explosives and a timer that allows it to be detonated at a particular time. [2 definitions]
time capsule a container for contemporary documents, records, or artifacts to be buried or otherwise preserved for discovery and study by future generations.
timecard a card listing the record of an employee's work hours, either stamped by a time clock or recorded by the employee.
time clock a clock that records the exact time on a card, used by employees to record the time of their arrival at and departure from work.
time deposit a deposit of funds in a bank which can be withdrawn only at the end of a specified period, or after the depositor has given advance notice.
time exposure a photographic exposure in which the shutter is kept open an unusually long time. [2 definitions]
time-honored respected because of its long use.
timekeeper an official in an athletic contest who regulates, keeps track of, or records the time for an event or each section of a game. [3 definitions]