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timekeeper an official in an athletic contest who regulates, keeps track of, or records the time for an event or each section of a game. [3 definitions]
time-lapse of, designating, or using a technique for filming a slow process by taking photographs at intervals and then projecting them continuously so that the process appears to be speeded up.
timeless not having a beginning or end; endless; eternal. [2 definitions]
time limit a limit set on the amount or period of time during which some action can or must be taken or completed.
timeline a graphic presentation of a chronology of events and their dates, listed from left to right along a horizontal line or in a vertical column.
time lock a lock attached to a timing mechanism that prevents it from being opened until a specific time.
timely occurring punctually or at just the right moment. [2 definitions]
time-out a brief suspension of play in an athletic contest that is not counted in the time allotted for the game. [2 definitions]
timepiece a mechanism that measures and displays the time, such as a clock or watch.
timer one who measures or records time; timekeeper. [3 definitions]
times multiplied by.
timesaving facilitating the conservation or efficient use of time.
timeserver one who adapts his or her conduct to prevailing custom or opinion, for personal advantage; opportunist.
time-share to own or use by time-sharing.
time-sharing the joint ownership of property, esp. vacation condominiums and the like, in which each owner occupies the property for a set period of time. [2 definitions]
time sheet a sheet of paper on which an employee's work hours are recorded.
time signature a musical symbol, usu. a numerical fraction located next to the key signature, used to indicate the meter of a composition.
times table a table that can be used to find the product of two numbers; multiplication table.
time study see time and motion study.
timetable a schedule listing the times at which or within which certain events, such as the arrival and departure of trains, buses, and airplanes, are to occur.
time-tested proven effective, useful, or durable over a long period of time.