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time-tested proven effective, useful, or durable over a long period of time.
time warp a discontinuity in time, or shift to a past or future period, often used as a device in science fiction.
timework work that is paid for by the unit of time, usu. the hour or the day. (Cf. piecework.)
timeworn showing the effects of age or long use. [2 definitions]
time zone any of twenty-four longitudinal divisions of the earth that are roughly defined by their distances from the prime meridian, and each of which keeps a standard time one hour earlier than does the zone to its east.
timid hesitant to engage in social contact or draw public attention; shy. [2 definitions]
timing the act, art, or method of adjusting tempo, actions, and occurrences to create the most powerful or useful effect.
Tim McCarver U.S. professional baseball player turned sports broadcaster, born James Timothy McCarver (b.1941).
Timor an Indonesian island southeast of Java.
Timorese an inhabitant of Timor. [2 definitions]
timorous showing or marked by fear; fearful; timid.
Timothy a disciple of Jesus Christ who was a companion and assistant of the apostle Paul. [2 definitions]
timothy a coarse grass, widely cultivated for use as fodder, that has long, thin, cylindrical flower spikes.
timpani (often used with a sing. verb) a set of kettledrums tuned to different pitches and played by one drummer, often used in symphony orchestras.
tin a chemical element that has fifty protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a malleable, corrosion-resistant, silvery white metal solid darkening to gray below about thirteen degrees Celsius, used in a variety of alloys such as bronze and pewter and as corrosion-resistant plating and solder. (symbol: Sn) [8 definitions]
tinamou any of various birds of Central and South America that resemble certain domestic and wild fowl such as the chicken or quail.
tin can a sealed and pressurized metal container for food and other perishables.
tincture an alcohol solution containing a medicinal substance. [5 definitions]
tinder highly flammable material, such as dry twigs, that can be used to kindle a fire.
tinderbox any place such as a room or building that would burn quickly if it caught on fire. [2 definitions]
tine one prong in a set, as on a fork.