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Timor an Indonesian island southeast of Java.
Timorese an inhabitant of Timor. [2 definitions]
timorous showing or marked by fear; fearful; timid.
Timothy a disciple of Jesus Christ who was a companion and assistant of the apostle Paul. [2 definitions]
timothy a coarse grass, widely cultivated for use as fodder, that has long, thin, cylindrical flower spikes.
timpani (often used with a sing. verb) a set of kettledrums tuned to different pitches and played by one drummer, often used in symphony orchestras.
tin a chemical element that has fifty protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a malleable, corrosion-resistant, silvery white metal solid darkening to gray below about thirteen degrees Celsius, used in a variety of alloys such as bronze and pewter and as corrosion-resistant plating and solder. (symbol: Sn) [8 definitions]
tinamou any of various birds of Central and South America that resemble certain domestic and wild fowl such as the chicken or quail.
tin can a sealed and pressurized metal container for food and other perishables.
tincture an alcohol solution containing a medicinal substance. [5 definitions]
tinder highly flammable material, such as dry twigs, that can be used to kindle a fire.
tinderbox any place such as a room or building that would burn quickly if it caught on fire. [2 definitions]
tine one prong in a set, as on a fork.
tinea any of several fungal infections of the skin, esp. ringworm.
tin ear (informal) the inability to distinguish tones in music.
tineid the clothes moth.
tine test a diagnostic test for tuberculosis, in which the skin is punctured by an instrument with four small tines that have been dipped in tuberculin antigen.
tinfoil tin, aluminum, or a tin alloy rolled out in a thin, flexible sheet and used as wrapping or lining, as for food and food containers.
ting a single high, clear, usu. faint ring, as of a small bell. [2 definitions]
ting-a-ling a repeated ring or tinkle, as of a small bell.
tinge to impart a faint or slight trace of something to. [4 definitions]