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tombless combined form of tomb.
tombolo a sand bar that connects an island to the mainland or to another island.
tomboy a young girl who prefers to dress and act in ways considered to be more appropriate for a boy.
tombstone a usu. engraved stone marker for a tomb or grave; gravestone.
tomcat a male cat. [2 definitions]
Tom Collins an alcoholic mixed drink containing gin, lemon or lime juice, carbonated water, and sugar, usu. served over ice in a tall glass.
Tom, Dick, and Harry anyone at all (usu. used disparagingly).
tome a large thick book, often one of a multivolume scholarly work.
tomfool a very foolish, ridiculous, or irresponsible person; idiot. [2 definitions]
tomfoolery ridiculous or foolish behavior.
tommy gun (informal) the Thompson submachine gun, or a gun like it.
tommyrot (informal) foolishness; utter nonsense; rubbish.
tomogram a tomographic photograph.
tomography a technique of x-ray photography that reveals only one plane of a body's internal structure and eliminates all others.
tomorrow the day after today. [4 definitions]
Tom Sawyer a novel by Mark Twain published in 1876. [2 definitions]
Tom Thumb the extremely small hero of many English folk tales.
tom-tom any of various small or narrow drums, such as those of American Indian or African tribes, usu. played with the hands. [2 definitions]
-tomy an act of cutting or dividing, esp. in surgery.
ton a unit of weight equal to two thousand pounds or 907.185 kilograms, used in the United States and Canada; short ton. [7 definitions]
tonal of or relating to a musical tone, tones, or tonality.