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toot to make a quick, short sound on a horn or whistle. [9 definitions]
tooth one of the hard, white, bonelike objects rooted in rows in the jaws of vertebrates, used for biting and chewing. [5 definitions]
toothache a pain in or close to a tooth.
toothbrush a brush with a short narrow head and a long handle, used to clean the teeth.
toothed having teeth or projections like teeth, usu. of a specified kind or quantity (often used in combination).
toothed whale any of various whales, such as the sperm whale, that have conical teeth in either or both jaws and a foreshortened, asymmetrical skull. (Cf. whalebone whale.)
tooth fairy a make-believe creature who leaves money under children's pillows in exchange for lost teeth placed there for her.
toothless combined form of tooth.
toothpaste a paste used to clean the teeth.
toothpick a short, thin sliver of wood, plastic, or metal, pointed at one or both ends and used to dislodge food particles from between the teeth.
tooth powder a powder used to brush the teeth.
toothsome delicious. [2 definitions]
toothy having or showing numerous or large teeth.
tootle to toot lightly and repeatedly on a flute or horn. [2 definitions]
tootsie (slang) dear; darling. [3 definitions]
top1 the uppermost area, point, or surface. [15 definitions]
top2 a children's toy in the shape of a cone that is made to spin on its point.
topaz a precious gemstone occurring in various colors, esp. yellow and brown. [2 definitions]
top boot a tall boot that reaches to just below the knee, esp. one with a top or cuff of a contrasting material or color.
topcoat a lightweight overcoat.
top dog (informal) a person, team, group, nation, or the like that is in a dominant, authoritative, leading, or favored position, esp. among competitors.